Artist of Tradition is a website to promote the work of Ursula Kuszpit-Pathak.

Ursula Kuszpit-Pathak was born in 1954 in the city of Bytom, Poland. She was professionally trained as an artist at the School of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. Her education and formation as an artist was influenced by the works of both classical and modernist artists.

Ursula now paints in the serene, comfortable surroundings of her home studio in Rolling Hills Ranch in Southern California. Her work begins on site, where she observes and captures the sense of immediacy and power of her subject.

In her paintings Ursula’s unique style makes a bold statement of how she uses her skills. She reveals the intensity of colors and subjects yet meshed with smooth, soft texture that are pleasing to the eye, but that appeal to all of the senses. Ursula has more than fifteen years of experience restoring paintings, frames, small sculptures, and religious art. She has worked closely with a prominent art gallery in Coronado, California.

Ursula continues to uphold her dedication to the traditional way of living and painting.

Her paintings continue to express timeless beauty perceived in  seemingly humble and ordinary surroundings, which for her is ofjust as  great of value as important as truth and goodness.

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